Kamel Dorai, Coord.


DoraiMKChercheur CNRS

CNRS Researcher

Ifpo – Amman, Jordanie

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Coordinateur scientifique / Scientific coordinator : Kamel Doraï

Axe 1 – K. Doraï (coord.) : Local economy, local settlement: competition and complementarity between migrant groups and the host society


Kamel Doraï is a researcher at the CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research) currently based at the French Institute for the Near East – IFPO in Amman (Jordan).  He was based at MIGRINTER, University of Poitiers (France) from 2010 to 2014. His work focuses mainly on asylum and refugees in the Middle East, new migrations and geopolitical reorganisation in the Middle East, and migration and transnational practices within the Palestinian Diaspora. Dr Doraï is currently conducting research on the Iraqis in Syria as well as on the urbanization process of Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. He is conducting fieldwork in Lebanon, Syria, Sweden since 1996 on different refugee groups, collecting biographies, migration trajectories, and urban mobility. The comparative study between refugees residing in and out of camps as well as the analysis of their migratory experience and spatial practices provide an account of the refugees’ socio-spatial dynamics in exile and of relations between the camp and their urban environment.