Ayham Dalal


PhD Student, Technische Universität Berlin

Personal page: http://habitat-unit.de/en/team/ayham-dalal/

Academia page: https://tu-berlin.academia.edu/AyhamDalal




Ayham Dalal is a PhD student at the Technische Universität Berlin, Department of International Urbanism and Design (Habitat Unit). He studied Architectural Engineering in Syria, and Urban Studies in Stuttgart, Tunis and Cairo. His research interests in regard to urban space are informality, identity politics, conflict and power. Recently, Ayham has organized the Syrian Urban Research Network (SURN), and was invited to contribute to the Amnesty International Conference in Istanbul and the UNESCO initiative for safeguarding the Syrian Urban Heritage (YEF). He taught at the German University of Technology in Oman, and currently at the Technische Universität Berlin. He has several publications in English and Arabic, with translations in German and Turkish.

Research Project

His doctoral research focuses on the impact of Syrian refugees and the humanitarian presence on the urbanization trends in Jordan. It builds on the findings of his master thesis ‘Mapping the Urbanization of Zaatari Camp’ to investigate how refugees utilize memory, cultural knowledge, local networks and power to negotiate the production of the everyday-life space in Zaatari camp. Simultaneously, it asks how humanitarian policies, toolkits and planning paradigm evolved vis-a-vis the production of different accommodation typologies for Syrian refugees in Jordan. This project is funded by the Deutscher Akademischer Austtauschdienst (DAAD) through the Leadership for Syria program.


Urbanization, Humanitarianism, Refugee Camps, Informality