Borders and migration management, a comparative perspective

Roundtable at the French cultural Institute in Amman (Jebel Webdeh)

Wednesday, May 3rd, from 6 pm to 8 pm

Today, border control is at the heart of debates in different parts of the world. This issue raises many questions often linked together: security, migration, economy, etc. Borders are characterized by their changing nature and ongoing negotiations over the crossing’s modalities. During conflicts and political tensions, they often appear as an obstacle to human mobility. This roundtable will discuss different border management experiences through population control mechanisms (United States/Mexico, Jordan/Syria/Palestine borders). Moreover, it will look at how these borders structure the socio-economic life and the daily movements of the local communities and the migrants.

Chair: Falestin Naili (Ifpo, Amman) – Historian

Philippe Bourmaud (Univ. Lyon 3, France) – Historian, Boundaries in the Middle-East

Myriam Ababsa (Ifpo, Amman) – Geographer, The Syrian – Jordanian border

Delphine Mercier (LEST, France) – Sociologist, The Mexican – USA border

Véronique Bontemps (IIAC, France) – Anthropologist, The Jordan – West bank border

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Refugee camps today. When the temporary settles over time

Roundtable at the French Institute in Jordan (Jebel Webdeh)

Thursday, May, 4th, from 6 to 8 pm

Set up as temporary solutions to cope with humanitarian refugee crises, refugee camps become over a certain period of time portrayed as places of poverty, insecurity and socio-economic marginalization. The aim of this round table is to focus on long-term evolution of the camps, beyond the short term approach generally used by humanitarian agencies, notably by questioning the inclusion of camps in the urban landscape of the host countries. Different case studies will be discussed, in particular the Palestinian and Syrian refugee camps in the Middle East, in the light of current European experience.

Chair: Philippe Lagrange (Univ. Poitiers, France) – Legal expert

Hala Abu Zaki (IIAC, France) – Anthropologist – Palestinian camps in Lebanon

Jalal Al Husseini (Ifpo, Amman) – Political scientist – Palestinian camps in Jordan

Kamel Doraï (Ifpo, Amman) – Geographer & Ayham Dalal (TU Berlin) – Architect – Syrian camps in Jordan

Elisa Pascucci (RELATE, Finland) – Refugee camps in Europe

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Jordan and Syrian refugees – K. Doraï

A translation in English of an article published in the on-line journal La vie des idées (first published June 7, 2016) on Syrian Refugees in Jordan.

The online version of the article can be found here


While the spotlight is focused on the arrival of Syrian refugees in Europe, researcher Kamel Doraï reminds us that the main countries concerned are primarily those in the region. Jordan is among the countries that has received the highest number of Syrians, sharpening economic and social tensions in a country already gripped by the presence of Palestinian and Iraqi refugees.