Shirine Arab

PhD candidate in Public Law
GERJC – Institut Louis Favoreu, CNRS


Shirine ARAB is currently enrolled in a first-year PhD Program in Public Law at the Faculty of Law and Political Science, Department of International, Comparative, and European Law, at Aix-Marseille University in Aix-en-Provence, France.
Originally from Lebanon, Shirine obtained a Master Degree in International Affairs – Management of Humanitarian Projects in which her Master’s thesis discussed the role of UNHCR in dealing with the failure of Internally Displaced Persons IDPs Rights Chart in providing sustainable shelter in South Sudan. Her Master’s thesis was completed while interning at the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Programme Headquarters in Bonn, Germany, where she had the chance to get in touch with the UN Volunteers working on a daily basis with the UNHCR and others involved in Humanitarian Organizations in South Sudan to support the IDPs in both camps of Djouba and Malakal. She was first introduced to the work of International Organizations in contributing for development assistance while interning at the UNESCO-UNEVOC in Bonn. During her translation studies in Beirut, Shirine developed the first hands-on-experience in translating Legal and UN documents in several languages. Shirine speaks Arabic (Mother Tongue), French, English, German and Spanish.

Research Project

Following her internships and thesis, Shirine had the chance to deepen her knowledge in Internal Displacement related matters, and soft Law tools in armed conflict situations. For that purpose, Shirine is currently enrolled in PhD studies in International Public Law and Forced Displacement based on an interdisciplinary approach to further develop her analytical skills of international protection and humanitarian assistance of displaced people on legal and social frameworks, to best assist the vulnerable populations, including IDPs, and include them in the humanitarian response and legal protection on local and regional levels. In the context of her current research, Shirine seeks to dress a comparative study with some african countries such as South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the number of IDPs in UN camps and elsewhere within the State is increasing. Her research asks how can displaced persons participate in their protection, on a community-based approach, and looks on the regional protection and assistance materials. LAJEH will help her conduct surveys and questionnaires vis-à-vis refugees sheltered in camps in Jordan, for instance, to analyze their needs (physical security and Shelter needs) as well as their Legal status; as both refugees and IDPs, in situations of armed conflict, enjoy the same rights and humanitarian aid.


International Law, Human Rights, United Nations, Internally Displaced Persons, Humanitarian Law