Borders and migration management, a comparative perspective

Roundtable at the French cultural Institute in Amman (Jebel Webdeh)

Wednesday, May 3rd, from 6 pm to 8 pm

Today, border control is at the heart of debates in different parts of the world. This issue raises many questions often linked together: security, migration, economy, etc. Borders are characterized by their changing nature and ongoing negotiations over the crossing’s modalities. During conflicts and political tensions, they often appear as an obstacle to human mobility. This roundtable will discuss different border management experiences through population control mechanisms (United States/Mexico, Jordan/Syria/Palestine borders). Moreover, it will look at how these borders structure the socio-economic life and the daily movements of the local communities and the migrants.

Chair: Falestin Naili (Ifpo, Amman) – Historian

Philippe Bourmaud (Univ. Lyon 3, France) – Historian, Boundaries in the Middle-East

Myriam Ababsa (Ifpo, Amman) – Geographer, The Syrian – Jordanian border

Delphine Mercier (LEST, France) – Sociologist, The Mexican – USA border

Véronique Bontemps (IIAC, France) – Anthropologist, The Jordan – West bank border

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