Research seminar in Amman – February 26th, 2017

Transnational Governance of Emigrants and Extraterritorial Citizenship: The Case of Iraqis Abroad

Géraldine Chatelard

The seminar will take place at Ifpo at 10 am (the seminar is not opened to public)

In a context where a large part of the Iraqi emigrants have been refugees, the presentation will look at the policies of the post-2003 Iraqi government towards Iraqis abroad, contrasting them with those of the Baathist regime and evaluating the nature and scope of the shift. It will also question how Iraqis abroad have been receiving and experiencing these policies, and have, through this process, shaped perceptions and expectations about political power and citizenship in Iraq. One key theoretical issue the talk will address is how the social sciences think of the relations between refugees and their state of origin.

Géraldine Chatelard is Associate Researcher, Contemporary Studies Department, Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo), Jordan & Iraq. A social historian and anthropologist of the contemporary Middle East, she has been researching Iraqi emigration for the past 15 years.éraldineChatelard