Forced Migration and Social Integration in Jordan and the Middle East

Amman April 28-29-30 & May, 2nd

A week of academic events organised by Ifpo and funded by the d’Alembert grant 2018 and the LAJEH program

Saturday April 28, 2018

« The Durable Ephemeral » – Exhibition

Ayham Dalal, Rand El Haj Hasan, Pauline Piraud-Fournet, Kamel Doraï

Venue: Jadal (Jabal al-Lweibdeh)


Exhibition opening

The exhibition will be open to the public from April 28th until May 4th


Sunday April 29, 2018

Conference Forced Migration and Social Integration in Jordan and the Middle East

Jalal Al Husseini, Valentina Napolitano, Norig Neveu

Venue: Ifpo


Welcoming of the participants

9.15- 10.15

Keynote – Kamel Doraï, Ifpo

10.15- 12.30

Panel 1. Refugees and their legal status(es)

Discussant: Jalal Al Husseini (Ifpo) 

10.15 – 10.45

Jalal Al Husseini (Ifpo), Opening the « black box  » of refugee management policies in Jordan and in the Near East  

10.45-11.00 Coffee break 

11.00 – 11.30

Lillian Frost (PhD candidate, George Washington University) Beyond Citizenship: Explaining Host State Relations with Protracted Refugees

11.30- 12.00

Anna Kvittingen (consultant UNRWA) Contingent status, uncertain futures: ex-Gaza Palestinian refugees in Jordan

12.00 – 12.30

Valentina Napolitano (Ifpo) The juridical status of Palestinian refugees in Syria: from an egalitarian status to a state of vulnerability

12.30- 14.00

Lunch break

14.00 – 17.00

Panel 2. The Social Integration of Refugees

Discussant : Véronique Bontemps (CNRS, IRIS)


Rawan Arar (PhD candidate, UC San Diego), Disrupting Western-centric theories of refugee integration


Oroub El-Abed (postdoctoral research fellow, SOAS), Protracted refugee situation: Palestinians of Jordan


Amal Khaleefa (PhD candidate, University Paris 3), Learning English Language at Zaatari Camp: Strategies of Adaptation and Social Integration

15.30-16.00 Coffee break 


Marie Hénique (Sciences Po, Paris), Sudanese Refugees in Jordan: a life on pause


Hadeel FAWADLEH (Birzeit University) Palestinian Village/city clubs in Jordan as a means for social integration and keeping identities


18.00 – 20.00

Round table – Reassessing Humanitarian Organisations

Venue: The French Institute of Jordan (Jabal al-Lweibdeh) 

Moderator: Léa Macias, anthropologist, PhD candidate, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris


Hanalia Ferhan, Jordan Country Director for ACTED

Luc Le Cabellec, Head of the French Development Agency in Jordan

Mohie Alwahsh, Project Manager and Protection Advisor for Mercy Corps

Maria Logrono, Researcher at Arab Renaissance for Development and Democracy- ARDD

Tala Malakha, Cash and Livelihood Advisor for the Danish Refugee Council in Jordan




Monday April 30, 2018

Conference, Day 2

Venue: Ifpo


Panel 3. The Refugee Camps: Between Temporary Status and Permanent Resettlement

Discussant: Norig Neveu (IREMAM)


Lucas Oesch (University of Luxembourg), The Politics of Temporariness and the Materiality of Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan


Rand El Haj Hasan (Independent architect, EHESS), Dwellers of the city as opposed to citizens, an urban reading of Amman’s Palestinian refugees’ relationship with the city

10.30-11.00 Coffee break


Ayham Dalal (Research Assistant, PhD Candidate, Universität Berlin), Territoriality, Place-Making and Culture in Zaatari Refugee Camp: Reflections on the Urban Form and the Arab City 


Léa Macias (Phd candidate, EHESS), Statistics, data and maps in Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan


Lunch break


Panel 4. Rebuilding one’s Community in Exile

Discussant: Valentina Napolitano (Ifpo) 


Mjriam Abu Samra (AMIDEAST, CIEE), Transnational networks of solidarity in irregular migration: the meaning of ethno-political belonging 


Ann-christin WAGNER (Phd candidate, University of Edinburgh), From migrant workers to refugees – Reconfiguration of transnational livelihoods through displacement among Syrians in Mafraq, Jordan 


Norig Neveu (CNRS/IREMAM), Welcoming Iraqis refugees in Jordan since 2014: assistance, narrative and actors of churches and confessional NGOs

15.00-15.30 Coffee break 


Gaspard VIAL-BENAMRA (Phd candidate, Lyon II University), Jordan Citizens of Chechen Descent: A Secular Diaspora Rooted in the Hashemite Kingdom 


Daphné Caillol (Géographie-cités, University Paris 7), Migrant Domestic Workers Spatial Practices in Urban Public Spaces: Between Here and There



18.00 – 20.00

Round table – The Influence of Refugees on Urban Organisation,

from “Micro to Macro”

Venue: The French Institute of Jordan (Jabal al-Lweibdeh) 

Moderator: Rand El Haj Hasan, EHESS/ independent architect, Amman 


-Fatima M. Al-Nammari, PhD Architect

-Samar Dudin, Educator, Theatre Director & community organizer at Ruwwad for Development

-Tareq Al Faqih, Manage Ruwwad Community Affairs, Ruwwad for Development

-Sandy Qarmont, Urban Planner

-Nadine El Sheikh Yassin, Architect 




Wednesday 2 May 2018 

Workshop Filming migrations

Organised by Samuel Kaczorowski (Researcher, University of Toulouse) 

Venue: Ifpo (Library) 


Samuel Kaczorowski (Researcher, University of Toulouse), For a non-modelling approach 


Coffee break 


Justin de Gonzague (Filmmaker), The actor as a means of anthological collection 


Lunch break 


Samuel Kaczorowski (Researcher, University of Toulouse), Methods of academic filming


18.00 « Filming the Migration »

Venue: The French Institute of Jordan (Jabal al-Lweibdeh)

Coordinator: Samuel Kaczorowski